Fit For A Queen and A Halloween Dilemma

I remembered Sadie’s recent visit to my house. She hoarded my favorite blue rug and brand new duck toy.

I've Got Mail 068

So I didn’t feel one bit guilty going to her house and napping on her orthopedic memory foam bed while she napped on the couch. We both got tired watching Mrs. S paint a bathroom.


After many hours napping on Sadie’s bed I knew I had to have one just like this. If only Mrs. S would go online and read the reviews.

Senior dogs with arthritis  will love this bed with joint support, superior reinforcement foam padding, mold and mildew resistant, cover is machine washable and eco-friendly and get this some models are even heated. 

Since Mrs. S had a hard time getting me off the bed and into the car maybe she’ll get the idea I REALLY NEED THIS KIND OF BED.

Mrs. S’s painting took all afternoon. I had many long hours by myself. When I wasn’t napping I kept thinking about which Halloween costume to choose. Mrs. S said I’d need a really good one to win the prize at the dog park parade. I’ve worn the Texan one 3 years in a row. I’m ready for something different. Here are my choices. I’m leaning toward the princess pup one. Let me know which one you think I should pick. I want to win the  prize. Maybe its a gift card for an orthopedic memory foam heated bed. I can only hope.

Love, Bella

princess pup

bella police

bella clown


bella dracula