The Reveal

I sniffed all around the box and knew there was something in it that seemed familiar. I just wasn’t quite sure what. I did need some help getting into the box. Every time I tried to pull at the tape  it stuck to my paws. Mrs. S came  to the rescue. Under the note was one of my favorite treats- a mini milk bone.

I've Got Mail 043

I was quick to snarf it up before Mrs. S would say my diet would be ruined. The note said…

Hi Bella! I heard about your escapade with the poor squirrel. I thought you could have just as much fun with this duck toy. Enjoy!

Love, Chunk


Chunk even sent me his picture. I was having fun playing with the duck toy until Sadie came over. 

I've Got Mail 068

Not only did she take my new toy but my rug. 

Love , Bella