Lucky Me

Monday seemed like an ordinary day. I had breakfast and Mr. C and I went for our usual morning walk. But as soon as we returned I saw the signs. Mrs. S was cleaning and packing up. Then Mr. C started loading bags into the car . I knew I did not want to be left behind.  I jumped into the back seat and waited patiently for what seemed like a really long time. Mrs. S thought we needed a city fix . When I heard 3 days I was sure I’d get to the dog park. I hoped Mulligan would be there.

Day One at the Park 

Mr. C was busy so we went to the park in style. Mrs. S gave me a chauffeured ride. But we were there so early not one doggie in sight. I went about my business exploring and checking out what I missed. I hadn’t been there for a really long time.


I chased a gopher down a hole. I was furiously pawing at the hole hoping to catch it. My head was way down and the dirt was flying in the air. I knew I could catch it  when Mrs. S rudely yanked my collar and said we needed to go. Just when I was having fun. And I was so close.

IMG_0045 (2)

Day Two at the Park

Mr. C took me this time and we walked there-no chauffeured ride that day. Lucky Mr. C timed our visit perfectly as Mulligan was there. And what fun we had running, chasing balls from the chuckit, digging holes (Mr.C doesn’t care if I do that) exploring the nearby woods and splashing through mud puddles.

IMG_0042 (2)

Day Three at the Park


Another chauffeured ride there by Mrs. S. She said because it was such a nice day we would stay longer. She seemed to think making many laps around the park will help me get in better shape. The trouble is the more exercise I get the hungrier I am. Today I chased squirrels,chipmunks and a couple of dogs.

Three days in the city went by fast. I was sad to leave and head back up north. But now I am getting to the really exciting part of the trip. As we got closer to the house we stopped by the mailbox . I could not believe my luck. A package addressed To Bella. I was beside myself with excitement. Could it be from my secret admirer who last year sent me stuff in the mail?

Check back tomorrow to find out what was in the box. There’s so much tape it will take me awhile to get into it.

Love, Bella

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