Season’s End

mid oct boat ride autumn 053

I was first on board. I didn’t want to miss the last boat ride of the season. I was a little worried Mr. C might forget my usual milkbone treat. I’d heard something about the box supply getting low.  But as we pulled away from shore Mr. C came through so I could relax and enjoy the ride.

mid oct boat ride autumn 062

I kept a close watch for loons but only spied two. I went crazy barking letting them know I was here. 

mid oct boat ride autumn 033

It was a mystery to me why Mrs. S was taking so many pictures. It looked all the same to me-water and trees but she thought it seemed grand?? 

mid oct boat ride autumn 060

mid oct boat ride autumn 024

Later as the day got warmer-like 87 degrees wearing a fur coat on my walk left me panting. It seemed like too much work to even chase a squirrel or a chipmunk. Halfway on the walk I turned around and headed back home to my hole.

That was yesterday but today is another story. With wind, drizzles of rain and a huge temperature drop I’ve decided to stay indoors. Mrs. S is baking, I can always hope for a drop.

Love, Bella