I’m Almost There

bella walk andvest 012

Check out my latest photo. I’m almost there and I still have some 27 days before deer opener for my orange neoprene vest to fit. But let me tell you some days are tough. I’m starving by 4:00 and have to beg for an early supper. By bedtime my tummy starts growling. And it doesn’t help Mrs. S is always making something. But I also have found there is a weak link-Mrs. S.

 Its my silent begging trick that occasionally works getting food dropped into my bowl.  

fall and seasonal plate 006

Yesterday while on one of my THREE walks a day blazing a trail down the road I had to keep checking to see if Mr.C and Mrs. S were still behind me. 

fall and seasonal plate 009

I was proud of how resourceful I was on this walk. I  found a bone right off the side of the road. What a lucky catch.

bella walk andvest 026  

Of course Mr. C was quick to trade when we got home. This time I got a piece of turkey. What Mr. C didn’t know is I really planned to bury it not eat it. But  I took the trade. I was hungry and I do like turkey.

Mrs. S seemed calmer over my newest catch. She kept on her walk taking pictures.  

fall and seasonal plate 002

As for me I repawed my hole and settled in for a mid morning nap. I have one less job now on yard patrol watching over Mrs. S’s flowers. But I still need to scare intruders  off. 

bella and chicken salad 005

  Love, Bella


P.S. Mrs. S handles all the technical stuff on blog posts that I don’t get. She wants you to know that when you go to right hand side of the post where it lists Blog Titles click on title of a post you want to comment on then scroll down to bottom of post and write me a note.

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