No Way

bella 2 010

Had I seen myself in this costume BEFORE leaving the store I would not have let Mrs. S. buy it. I know she likes the purple and fairy stuff but this outfit is ridiculous. Mr.C had to chase me around the house just to get me to stand still to try it on. First of all she bought the wrong size. Even though it said L-XL we had to squeeze real hard to get me in it. Second it comes in 3 parts; wings, headband and tutu skirt and way too itchy to wear. And third it is so NOT ME. When I looked in the mirror it was too girly, girly and I felt fat. Maybe a small dog would look good in it but I just felt embarrassed.  I’m done with the costume stuff-just give me a sheet with holes cut out for my eyes and nose and I’m good. Even my Texas outfit would be fine.


There is no way I’ll be seen at the dog park parade with my friends around. I could care less about winning any prize even if it is a gift card. Santa has never failed me yet so I put the memory foam orthopedic bed on my list to him and nothing else. At least I feel like a winner seeing that bed under the tree.

The good news is I got mail. Chunk sent me treats and a Halloween card.

bella halloween 009

bella halloween 012.

That cheered me up a lot. The snacks were yummy. But I was exhausted after all this picture-taking. I needed a nap.

Love, Bella

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I’m In

Mr. C was confident. Mrs. S was unsure. I was hopeful my diet and boot camp would soon be over.

IMG_0136 (2)

It’s a snug fit for my orange neoprene vest but at least the Velcro comes together. I hate wearing it. Mr. C has to chase me down just to put it on me.

It’s been a tough week for me. Twice I begged for dinner mid afternoon. Several days my hunger pains forced me to scavenge the woods looking for food. Mrs. S was  totally grossed out over several things I found to eat.  But fitting into the vest called for celebration. Mrs. S thought a drive to my favorite store Petco would be a nice adventure. I like stores that let me in. Its a long ride to get there so I had a lot of time to figure out which costume I’d get. I still wanted the Princess Pup one.  We were surprised when we got to the store there weren’t many choices for dogs my size.

bella criminal

bella witchI did not like either of these costumes and this one seemed boringgg!


All of sudden I heard  Mrs. S scream “Bella, this is so you! You will look perfect. Surely you’ll win some prize at the parade.”

I had to admit it was perfect. Mrs. S suggested we wait till next weekend before showing you. I was just happy to be done. I wanted to  go home. Shopping and trying on all these costumes tired me out.  Lucky Petco had rawhide bones.


Love, Bella

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Fit For A Queen and A Halloween Dilemma

I remembered Sadie’s recent visit to my house. She hoarded my favorite blue rug and brand new duck toy.

I've Got Mail 068

So I didn’t feel one bit guilty going to her house and napping on her orthopedic memory foam bed while she napped on the couch. We both got tired watching Mrs. S paint a bathroom.


After many hours napping on Sadie’s bed I knew I had to have one just like this. If only Mrs. S would go online and read the reviews.

Senior dogs with arthritis  will love this bed with joint support, superior reinforcement foam padding, mold and mildew resistant, cover is machine washable and eco-friendly and get this some models are even heated. 

Since Mrs. S had a hard time getting me off the bed and into the car maybe she’ll get the idea I REALLY NEED THIS KIND OF BED.

Mrs. S’s painting took all afternoon. I had many long hours by myself. When I wasn’t napping I kept thinking about which Halloween costume to choose. Mrs. S said I’d need a really good one to win the prize at the dog park parade. I’ve worn the Texan one 3 years in a row. I’m ready for something different. Here are my choices. I’m leaning toward the princess pup one. Let me know which one you think I should pick. I want to win the  prize. Maybe its a gift card for an orthopedic memory foam heated bed. I can only hope.

Love, Bella

princess pup

bella police

bella clown


bella dracula

The Reveal

I sniffed all around the box and knew there was something in it that seemed familiar. I just wasn’t quite sure what. I did need some help getting into the box. Every time I tried to pull at the tape  it stuck to my paws. Mrs. S came  to the rescue. Under the note was one of my favorite treats- a mini milk bone.

I've Got Mail 043

I was quick to snarf it up before Mrs. S would say my diet would be ruined. The note said…

Hi Bella! I heard about your escapade with the poor squirrel. I thought you could have just as much fun with this duck toy. Enjoy!

Love, Chunk


Chunk even sent me his picture. I was having fun playing with the duck toy until Sadie came over. 

I've Got Mail 068

Not only did she take my new toy but my rug. 

Love , Bella


Lucky Me

Monday seemed like an ordinary day. I had breakfast and Mr. C and I went for our usual morning walk. But as soon as we returned I saw the signs. Mrs. S was cleaning and packing up. Then Mr. C started loading bags into the car . I knew I did not want to be left behind.  I jumped into the back seat and waited patiently for what seemed like a really long time. Mrs. S thought we needed a city fix . When I heard 3 days I was sure I’d get to the dog park. I hoped Mulligan would be there.

Day One at the Park 

Mr. C was busy so we went to the park in style. Mrs. S gave me a chauffeured ride. But we were there so early not one doggie in sight. I went about my business exploring and checking out what I missed. I hadn’t been there for a really long time.


I chased a gopher down a hole. I was furiously pawing at the hole hoping to catch it. My head was way down and the dirt was flying in the air. I knew I could catch it  when Mrs. S rudely yanked my collar and said we needed to go. Just when I was having fun. And I was so close.

IMG_0045 (2)

Day Two at the Park

Mr. C took me this time and we walked there-no chauffeured ride that day. Lucky Mr. C timed our visit perfectly as Mulligan was there. And what fun we had running, chasing balls from the chuckit, digging holes (Mr.C doesn’t care if I do that) exploring the nearby woods and splashing through mud puddles.

IMG_0042 (2)

Day Three at the Park


Another chauffeured ride there by Mrs. S. She said because it was such a nice day we would stay longer. She seemed to think making many laps around the park will help me get in better shape. The trouble is the more exercise I get the hungrier I am. Today I chased squirrels,chipmunks and a couple of dogs.

Three days in the city went by fast. I was sad to leave and head back up north. But now I am getting to the really exciting part of the trip. As we got closer to the house we stopped by the mailbox . I could not believe my luck. A package addressed To Bella. I was beside myself with excitement. Could it be from my secret admirer who last year sent me stuff in the mail?

Check back tomorrow to find out what was in the box. There’s so much tape it will take me awhile to get into it.

Love, Bella

IMG_0052 (2)


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Season’s End

mid oct boat ride autumn 053

I was first on board. I didn’t want to miss the last boat ride of the season. I was a little worried Mr. C might forget my usual milkbone treat. I’d heard something about the box supply getting low.  But as we pulled away from shore Mr. C came through so I could relax and enjoy the ride.

mid oct boat ride autumn 062

I kept a close watch for loons but only spied two. I went crazy barking letting them know I was here. 

mid oct boat ride autumn 033

It was a mystery to me why Mrs. S was taking so many pictures. It looked all the same to me-water and trees but she thought it seemed grand?? 

mid oct boat ride autumn 060

mid oct boat ride autumn 024

Later as the day got warmer-like 87 degrees wearing a fur coat on my walk left me panting. It seemed like too much work to even chase a squirrel or a chipmunk. Halfway on the walk I turned around and headed back home to my hole.

That was yesterday but today is another story. With wind, drizzles of rain and a huge temperature drop I’ve decided to stay indoors. Mrs. S is baking, I can always hope for a drop.

Love, Bella 

I’m Almost There

bella walk andvest 012

Check out my latest photo. I’m almost there and I still have some 27 days before deer opener for my orange neoprene vest to fit. But let me tell you some days are tough. I’m starving by 4:00 and have to beg for an early supper. By bedtime my tummy starts growling. And it doesn’t help Mrs. S is always making something. But I also have found there is a weak link-Mrs. S.

 Its my silent begging trick that occasionally works getting food dropped into my bowl.  

fall and seasonal plate 006

Yesterday while on one of my THREE walks a day blazing a trail down the road I had to keep checking to see if Mr.C and Mrs. S were still behind me. 

fall and seasonal plate 009

I was proud of how resourceful I was on this walk. I  found a bone right off the side of the road. What a lucky catch.

bella walk andvest 026  

Of course Mr. C was quick to trade when we got home. This time I got a piece of turkey. What Mr. C didn’t know is I really planned to bury it not eat it. But  I took the trade. I was hungry and I do like turkey.

Mrs. S seemed calmer over my newest catch. She kept on her walk taking pictures.  

fall and seasonal plate 002

As for me I repawed my hole and settled in for a mid morning nap. I have one less job now on yard patrol watching over Mrs. S’s flowers. But I still need to scare intruders  off. 

bella and chicken salad 005

  Love, Bella


P.S. Mrs. S handles all the technical stuff on blog posts that I don’t get. She wants you to know that when you go to right hand side of the post where it lists Blog Titles click on title of a post you want to comment on then scroll down to bottom of post and write me a note.

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